Issues Management in Primavera

Issues can be defined as problems that can come in a project during the monitoring phase. Primavera lets you create Issues manually or automatically by defining Thresholds (explained in my last post). Issues can be assigned a Priority level, Responsible manager and can also be emailed to any member of the project.

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Primavera P6v8.2 Error – Exception EAccess Violation in module

The other I got the following error when I was trying to login to Primavera “Exception EAccess Violation in module PM.exe at 0043BFBF. Access Violation at address 0083BFBF in module PM.exe”. This error is not that common but I found that this was happening due to Orphan codes in the database and could be solved […]

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Understanding Security in Primavera

Security in Primavera can confuse you if you don’t understand the relationship between the different elements like EPS,WBS,OBS etc. in Primavera. Security for a user in Primavera is governed by the Security Profiles assigned to it. There are 2 profiles in Primavera; Global Profile and Project Profile.

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Spending Plan

“Spending Plan” is the least used option in Primavera, but it is especially helpful when you want to track your Actual Costs against the Budget allocated to your project. You can track Actual Cost vs. Budget across WBS and rolling up to your Project and ultimately to your EPS. While using Spending Plan we need […]

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