How to use Global Change in Primavera: Beginner’s Guide

When a large number of activities or resources have to be edited in Primavera, Global Change becomes a useful tool in helping us automate that process. Global Change allows us to make batch changes to the activities and its attributes such as durations, activity codes,resource assignments, expenses and many more.

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What is Resource Leveling

Resource leveling is a  important part of Project Management process during the Planning Phase but it is one of the most rarely used options in Primavera. Leveling Resources helps ensure that the demand for resources does not exceed the supply.

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Understanding Security in Primavera

Security in Primavera can confuse you if you don’t understand the relationship between the different elements like EPS,WBS,OBS etc. in Primavera. Security for a user in Primavera is governed by the Security Profiles assigned to it. There are 2 profiles in Primavera; Global Profile and Project Profile.

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