Why won’t my activities Start/End on the correct day?

There have been times when activities in Primavera don’t Start or End on correct dates despite the math saying otherwise . There are several reasons that can cause this to happen, lets look at them in this post. 1) Out of Sequence Activities – These are activities that have started before the predecessor activities are […]

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Using Resource Leveling option

In my last post I talked about the basics of Resource leveling and today we will see what options do we need to set before we can start using the leveling function in Primavera. In order to set these functions you need to go to  Tools> Level Resources.

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What is Resource Leveling

Resource leveling is a  important part of Project Management process during the Planning Phase but it is one of the most rarely used options in Primavera. Leveling Resources helps ensure that the demand for resources does not exceed the supply.

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