Primavera P6v8.2 Error – Exception EAccess Violation in module

The other I got the following error when I was trying to login to Primavera “Exception EAccess Violation in module PM.exe at 0043BFBF. Access Violation at address 0083BFBF in module PM.exe”. This error is not that common but I found that this was happening due to Orphan codes in the database and could be solved […]

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Security Profiles in Primavera

Global Profiles Define a user’s access to application-wide Information and settings; such as the Enterprise Project Structure (EPS), Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS),Resources, Roles, and Cost Accounts. Each user must be assigned a global profile and only one Global Profile can be assigned to a user. There are 2 default Global Profiles in Primavera; Admin Superuser […]

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Understanding Security in Primavera

Security in Primavera can confuse you if you don’t understand the relationship between the different elements like EPS,WBS,OBS etc. in Primavera. Security for a user in Primavera is governed by the Security Profiles assigned to it. There are 2 profiles in Primavera; Global Profile and Project Profile.

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