Techniques for Computing Estimate to Complete

Estimate to Complete (ETC) in PM terminology mean the amount that is left to spend. Primavera calculates ETC for every activity where cost is allocated. It help us to forecast the Estimate at Completion (EAC) which is calculated as Estimate at Completion = Actual Cost + Estimate to Complete. Actual Cost is into put every […]

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Earned Value Calculations-Admin Preferences

We have all seen the “Earned Value Calculation” option in Admin Preferences but do you know how it affects your Earned Value calculations? These options are helpful when we use a Revised Baseline and that baseline is delayed from plan. We can choose whether to use Planned dates, Start/finish dates or At Completion Dates for […]

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Earned Value Definitions

Before I start my posts on Earned Value Management (EVM), I would like my readers to go through some common EVM definitions that you would read in my upcoming posts. This would help you grasp the topics faster and it would also be a revision to your EVM concepts  🙂 * Budget At Completion (BAC) […]

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