Calculating Earned Value from Current Project

During the course of the project your schedule changes according to the current situation but you keep measuring your Earned Value against the Baseline i.e. what was planned earlier. In case you want to see what you’re Earned Value will be against your current project you need to do the following; 1. Go to Project>Assign […]

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Techniques for Computing Estimate to Complete

Estimate to Complete (ETC) in PM terminology mean the amount that is left to spend. Primavera calculates ETC for every activity where cost is allocated. It help us to forecast the Estimate at Completion (EAC) which is calculated as Estimate at Completion = Actual Cost + Estimate to Complete. Actual Cost is into put every […]

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WBS Milestones

As we discussed in my last post Technique for Computing Performance Percent Complete , WBS Milestones can be used to calculate Performance Percent complete and Earned Value. They can be used in cases where you have fixed weighted milestones for a WBS and you want to calculate your Earned Value against them. If you prefer […]

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Technique for Computing Performance Percent Complete

On our projects we estimate percent complete for each work package or activity for reporting progress and on projects where work cannot be measured  this estimate is simply a guess. But a guess does not give a confident estimate of the real percent complete and Primavera provides us with alternate methods of computing performance percent […]

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