Future Bucketing in Primavera

The concept of Future Bucketing was introduced after P6v6.2 to enable us to make customized curves or ‘Manual Curve’ by directly inputting time Budgeted Units or Remaining Units instead of trying to create a curve by calculating percentages.

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Managing “Manager Hours” on Projects

Managing “Manager Hours” on Projects While monitoring our projects we have come across activities where Project Manager hours are to be monitored across them. The problem comes when we have to distribute those hours across these activities. Do we individually assign the manager hours across each activity by dividing the number of hours he/she is […]

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Performance % Complete Calculations in the WBS Bar

Performance % complete calculations in the WBS bar In my last post I talked about how inputting cost is important in Primavera and we saw how Performance % Complete gets rolled up to the WBS. In this post we will see how these values are calculated.

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Why is entering cost important in Primavera

Why is entering cost important in Primavera (even when you don’t want to monitor it) Primavera is one of the most widely used tools for Project Management in the construction industry today.  Mostly while monitoring projects on-site, we don’t enter cost information in the tool for reasons like non-availability of cost info or the cost […]

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