Why won’t my activities Start/End on the correct day?

There have been times when activities in Primavera don’t Start or End on correct dates despite the math saying otherwise . There are several reasons that can cause this to happen, lets look at them in this post. 1) Out of Sequence Activities – These are activities that have started before the predecessor activities are […]

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Space Between Actual Bar And Remaining Bar for In-Progress Activities

While updating your progress on a project have you ever notice a gap in your activity bar in Gantt chart? It can be because of the following reasons : 1) Data date of the project is earlier than the Remaining Start date of the activity (which doesn’t happen that often) 2) Using Retained logic and […]

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Expected Finish

A lot of people have asked questions in forums on how to auto update activities when they know the confirmed finish date of the activity. We can use Expected Finish option to auto update activities in such cases. Expected Finish date on an activity acts as a constraint and it should be enabled in scheduling […]

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