Spending Plan

“Spending Plan” is the least used option in Primavera, but it is especially helpful when you want to track your Actual Costs against the Budget allocated to your project. You can track Actual Cost vs. Budget across WBS and rolling up to your Project and ultimately to your EPS. While using Spending Plan we need […]

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Editing Financial Periods

There will be times when you need to remove the Financial Period data and depending on whether you have to remove the values for the entire project or only for selected activities, you will have to follow the steps below. 1) Editing past Financial Periods for selected activities To edit Financial Period data for selected […]

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Earned Value Definitions

Before I start my posts on Earned Value Management (EVM), I would like my readers to go through some common EVM definitions that you would read in my upcoming posts. This would help you grasp the topics faster and it would also be a revision to your EVM concepts  🙂 * Budget At Completion (BAC) […]

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