How do I save files in Primavera P6? Practical guide

Primavera has gradually evolved over the years with each new release of the program. The biggest change in Primavera came with the release of version P4. In order to focus on its enterprise capabilities, Primavera changed from a file based system to a database system. Due to this change a lot of existing users were […]

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Primavera P6v8.2 Error – Exception EAccess Violation in module

The other I got the following error when I was trying to login to Primavera “Exception EAccess Violation in module PM.exe at 0043BFBF. Access Violation at address 0083BFBF in module PM.exe”. This error is not that common but I found that this was happening due to Orphan codes in the database and could be solved […]

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How to put Ordinal Durations in column

This was a specific request from one of my clients on a project,  for some filtered activities he wanted to know the ordinal duration in months from a specific date in the project. You can check ordinal durations in timescale but getting them in a column in your layout is not that straight forward. We […]

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Carat (^) Symbol Next To The Price/Unit

You might have noticed a  carat symbol next to your Price/Unit when you are assigning resources or roles. This usually happens because of following reasons: 1) Role has been assigned to the activity When Role is assigned to the activity Price/Unit is taken from the default settings of the project.

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