Is Retained Logic the best Scheduling Option in Primavera?

Primavera has three Scheduling Options to choose from when you are scheduling your project. Retained Logic is the default scheduling option. When you are building a Baseline, the default option works fine. But things change when you start updating your project, activities start getting delayed and do not get executed as planned.  You then have […]

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Learn how to monitor incremental progress in Primavera

Financial Periods are an important aspect of “Monitoring and Control” in Primavera. They help us in keeping a check on the incremental performance of our project by storing Performance Data in pre-defined periods. Let’s go through the steps on how to setup Financial Periods for use in our project; Assumptions: Project network has been created […]

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How do I save files in Primavera P6? Practical guide

Primavera has gradually evolved over the years with each new release of the program. The biggest change in Primavera came with the release of version P4. In order to focus on its enterprise capabilities, Primavera changed from a file based system to a database system. Due to this change a lot of existing users were […]

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Using Resource Leveling option

In my last post I talked about the basics of Resource leveling and today we will see what options do we need to set before we can start using the leveling function in Primavera. In order to set these functions you need to go to  Tools> Level Resources.

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