Issues can be defined as problems that can come in a project during the monitoring phase. Primavera lets you create Issues manually or automatically by defining Thresholds (explained in my last post). Issues can be assigned a Priority level, Responsible manager and can also be emailed to any member of the project.


To add an Issue manually, you need to do the following :

1) Click on the Issues Tab

2) On the right hand side click on the add new (+) tab

A new Issue with default settings is added. You can then change the parameters for the Issue.

General Tab

    1) Issue Name

2) Responsible Manager

3) Date Identified

4) Tracking Layout

5) Identified by

6) Status

7) Priority

8) Resolution Date

Details Tab

Thresholds – If the issue has been generated by a Threshold then the details of it will be shown here

If the Issue is been entered manually then the following fields need to be updated :

Applies to WBS – WBS to which the Issue applies

Applies to Resource – Resource to which WBS applies

Applies to Activity – Activity to which the Issue applies

Notes Tab

Custom notes related to the Issue can be added and saved

Issues can also be generated automatically by using Thresholds and giving Upper and Lower parameters. Using Thresholds to automatically generate Issues can be seen in my blog post at