In my last post I talked about the basics of Resource leveling and today we will see what options do we need to set before we can start using the leveling function in Primavera. In order to set these functions you need to go to  Tools> Level Resources.


1) Automatically level resources when scheduling: This option levels your resources every time you schedule your project.

2) Consider assignments in other projects with priority equal/higher than: Mark to include resource assignments in other projects within the range of the leveling priority you specify when determining if a resource is over-allocated. Assignments in closed projects are considered. For example, if you mark the checkbox and specify a leveling priority of 5 in this field, the leveler considers all projects with a project leveling priority of 1,2,3,4, and 5.

The leveling priority ranges from 1 (highest priority) to 100 (lowest priority). Set a project’s leveling priority on the General tab of the Projects Window.

3) Preserve scheduled early and late dates: Mark to preserve the early and late dates that were calculated during project scheduling.

4) Recalculate assignment costs after leveling: Mark to recalculate resource and role costs after leveling resources/roles in the projects. Use this option to calculate the costs of resource/role assignments that are assigned multiple rates.

5) Level all resources: Mark to level all resources.

6) Level resources only within activity Total Float: Mark to delay activities with resource conflicts only up to their late finish date.

7) Preserve minimum float when leveling: The amount of float you want to maintain when activities are delayed because of resource conflicts.

The value entered in this field is automatically converted to hours. The value is converted to hours based on hours per time period settings defined in Admin Preferences or in the default project calendar, depending on an administrative preference (Admin Preferences, Time Periods tab). So if you enter a value of say 5d, it automatically gets converted into number of hours specified in your settings.

Max percent to over-allocate resources: You can specify the maximum percentage by which resource availability can be increased during resource leveling. This can be used in case where you know that you can over allocate a certain resource by a certain percentage. This resource will then be over allocated by this value in case the float values of these activities can’t be adjusted.

Leveling Priorities

Field Name: Lists the fields by which you can prioritize resources when leveling. Priorities are used only in cases where more than one activity fight for the same resource at the same time.

Sort Order: The order in which to level resources according to the field names displayed. Double-click the Sort Order field to choose Ascending, Descending, or Hierarchy (option only appears for fields that are hierarchical).

Add: Adds another leveling priority.

Remove: Removes a leveling priority.

Level: Levels resources according to the options you specify.

Default: Displays the default leveling settings.

View Log: Displays your leveling results.