Resource leveling is a  important part of Project Management process during the Planning Phase but it is one of the most rarely used options in Primavera. Leveling Resources helps ensure that the demand for resources does not exceed the supply.

When you level resources Primavera follows the following processes :

1) Resource requirements of all scheduled activities are compared to the maximum quantity available at the time of leveling.

2) An activity is delayed if too few resources are available at any time during the activity’s duration.

The maximum quantity for a resource is determined through the Max units/time for a particular resource in the Resources Tab.


Lets say that we have a resource called Consultant with max units/time as 6 hrs/day and you assign this resource to 2 activities happening on the same day. The requirement for that Resource will be 12 hrs/day but it can only work for 6 hrs/day. Hence that resource is found to be overloaded.

You can check which resources in your project are overloaded by going to Resource Usage Profile option and activating the Limit Line.


The red bar in the graph will then show you the number of over allocated units for your resource.


Once you know which Resources in your project are over allocated, you can then use the option “Level Resources” in Tools tab to level your resources. We will discuss the same in detail in my next  blog post.