The concept of Future Bucketing was introduced after P6v6.2 to enable us to make customized curves or ‘Manual Curve’ by directly inputting time Budgeted Units or Remaining Units instead of trying to create a curve by calculating percentages.

Future buckets can be used to edit and store Budgeted (Planned) and Remaining units of a resource in a time period (Yearly,Quarterly,Monthly,Weekly or Daily) based on the timescale chosen. The buckets can be entered in the Resource Assignment view of Resource usage spreadsheet in activities view.


As seen in the picture above, the resource units can be entered manually for the month of July for the selected resource.

Before you can start using Future Bucketing the following things need to be kept in mind;

1) The activity cannot be a milestone

2) The activity Duration Type can either be ‘Fixed Duration and Units/Time’ or ‘Fixed Duration and Units’

3) The Spreadsheet Option to Calculate an average for the spreadsheet values is not turned on

Entering Budgeted Units bucket values is fairly simple when you are adding your activities but there are certain options which affect the calculations when you start updating your activities. We will look at them in the next blog post.