When you login to Primavera for the first time you see the above layout open by default.

Tab 1- represents tabs which are shortcuts to various options in Primavera such as Projects tabs, Resources, Tracking, Expenses etc. All the tabs are configurable and you can add or delete them according to your requirements.

Tab 2- is the Projects area where all the Projects within the EPS are displayed. You can view data for each project in the columns that are enabled. The columns are configurable according to your needs.

Tab 3- is the Gantt Chart part of the layout, it displays the duration of projects against the progression of time

Tab 4- Is the Project Details tab. This can be used to set Project level options such as Dates, Defaults, Calculations of the chosen project

Tab 5 – represents another set of Tabs that can be used to add or remove various shortcuts such as Gantt Chart,Filters, Group & Sort etc.

Tab 6 – is used to add shortcuts for various functions like Add, Delete projects in the project layout. When you open a project and Activities layout other options such as Add resources, Roles, Activity Codes etc are activated.

Tab 7- at the top of the layout displays the current open project or projects.