During the course of the project your schedule changes according to the current situation but you keep measuring your Earned Value against the Baseline i.e. what was planned earlier. In case you want to see what you’re Earned Value will be against your current project you need to do the following;

1. Go to Project>Assign Baselines and select Current Project as Project Baseline.


2. At Enterprise level you need to goto Projects > Select the project > Settings tab and choose the Baseline for earned value calculations as Project Baseline.


After you choose these settings the calculations for Earned Value will be done against your current project. But you need to take care of a very important setting that will affect all the calculations.

3. At Admin > Admin Preferences > Earned Value you need to select the required Earned Value calculation. Check this post on my blog for detailed explanation. http://www.theprimaverablog.com/2011/07/earned-value-calculations-admin-preferences-2/


  • Budgeted Values vs. At Completion Values specifies whether to use Budgeted Cost or At Complete Cost as the basis for Earned Value calculations
  • Planned Dates vs. Current Dates specifies whether to use Planned Start/Planned Finish or Start/Finish for the activity as the dates from which to calculate Earned Value