Global Profiles

Define a user’s access to application-wide Information and settings; such as the Enterprise Project Structure (EPS), Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS),Resources, Roles, and Cost Accounts. Each user must be assigned a global profile and only one Global Profile can be assigned to a user. There are 2 default Global Profiles in Primavera; Admin Superuser and No Global Privileges.

1) Admin Superuser –  makes the user Numero Uno. This profile allows the user complete access to all global information and all projects. At least one user has to be assigned Admin Superuser profile. If a user is admin superuser then it can access any project even if no Project Profile is assigned to it.

2) No Global Profile – does not allow the user any access to Global Data and will only be able to access projects that it is assigned to.

To create a Global profile you need to goto Administer>User Access>Global Security Profiles and add a new profile from the page.

Project Profiles

A project profile is a role-based profile that allows privileges to specific project data, such as baselines, the WBS, and thresholds. Users cannot access projects unless they are assigned a project profile or the global profile, Admin Superuser. Similar to Global Profile a predefined project profile called Project Superuser allows complete access to elements within a project.

Project profiles are applied to users via OBS assignments. In Primavera it is mandatory that all EPS and WBS elements, and projects, are assigned a responsible OBS. So when we assign a Project Profile to a user it determines user’s access to the projects the OBS is assigned to and its Project profile determine the privileges that the user has in the project.

The diagram below shows the relationship between EPS,OBS, Global & Project Profiles and Users. A user can be assigned multiple OBS and different Project profiles for each.