We have heard a lot of “experts” Smile in forums talk about using SDK for uploading data quickly to your database . But most of us don’t know how to use them. In this post we will see how we can use SDK to upload data in Primavera.

Following are the per-requisites before you can start using SDK:

1) Install SDK using you Primavera installation CD

2) Configure PMSDK connectivity to your Database

3) Primavera SDK Excel Sheets

a) Dictionary – Can be used to upload/edit Global Data in Primavera

b) Project – Can be used to upload/edit Project level data for multiple projects

c) WBS – Can be used to edit WBS for one Project in your database

d) Activity – can be used to upload/edit all activity attributes of your project

Note: I will not be posting any links to these sheets or send them by email. It’s against the Primavera support agreement. If you have an Oracle Primavera support account then you can download it from the website or ask in various forums.

4) Your username should be allowed access to SDK in your security profile

Once you have done the above mentioned steps then you can use your Primavera username and password to access the database via SDK. You will need to follow a certain workflow in order to use these sheets properly. Since using SDK can potentially damage or corrupt your data, I would suggest that you backup your database every time you use SDK till you are not comfortable with the process.

                 SDK Workflow



The “Get” and “Set” commands are very important and you need to always ensure that you use ‘Get’ command before you start adding/editing data in your excel sheet.


In my next post we will see how to edit large amount of activity level data for a project using the Activity Excel Sheet.