A lot of people have asked questions in forums on how to auto update activities when they know the confirmed finish date of the activity. We can use Expected Finish option to auto update activities in such cases. Expected Finish date on an activity acts as a constraint and it should be enabled in scheduling Option tab.


Expected Finish has different outputs for Not Started and In-Progress activities. Let us assume an activity A with 10 duration and data date of 1st October.


1) Not Started

a) Expected Finish Date- 15th October


After putting Expected Finish Date, the Early Finish Date of the activity moves to 15th October and Original Duration changes to 15.

b) We now change the data date to 5th October and the Start of the activity shifts to 5th October but the finish date remains as 15th October making Original Duration as 11.


2) In-Progress Activity

We put an Actual Start of 5th October on the activity and reschedule with a Data Date of 10th October. We do not add any Actual % Complete or Remaining Duration in the activity.


After scheduling the Actual Duration becomes 5 and remaining Duration changes to 11 with Activity Percent Complete = 45.45%. The progress on the activity is automatically recorded based on the expected finish date.

3) Data Date > finish date

The Actual Finish of the activity will not be automatically updated in case the data date crosses the finish date of the activity. The Actual Finish has to be manually updated. In case we schedule the activity beyond the finish date then the remaining duration becomes 0 and the Finish date changes to data date. We will change the data date to 20th October and see the results.