Apply Actuals

In my last blog post we talked about updating individual activities by using Expected Finish Constraint. If you want to update a group of activities based on a particular date then you can also use “Apply Actuals” options and update these activities.

Prerequisites to using Apply Actuals;

1) Resources should have Auto Compute Actuals enabled. It can be enabled by going to Resources> Details


2) Activity should have Auto Compute Actuals enabled. This option is sort of hidden and you have to enable this column by going to Columns>General>Auto Compute Actuals


3) If you are allocating Expenses for your activity then the same option needs to be enabled for Expenses too.


Respective data will be updated for which Auto Compute Actuals option have been enabled.

When we use “Apply Actuals” option following rules are followed;

  • Apply an Actual Start to all Activities that have a Planned Start < Data Date. The Actual Start is set to the Planned Start.
  • Planned Finish is not changed.
  • Calculates Remaining Duration as the Early Finish-New Data Date.
  • Calculates Actual Duration as Original Duration-Remaining Duration.
  • Calculates Actual Units as Unit Percent % * At Complete Units.
  • If Planned Finish is < Data Date, then an Actual Finish will be applied. The Actual Finish is set to the Planned Finish.
  • Actuals are subtracted from At complete values to calculate Remaining values.