Valid Relationships for Milestones

Have you ever checked you Schedule Log and found an error Invalid Relationships for Milestones? This is due to the fact that Milestones depending on Start/Finish have certain relationships which are valid. We need to keep the following aspects in mind when we are using Milestones in our schedule.

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Apply Actuals

Apply Actuals In my last blog post we talked about updating individual activities by using Expected Finish Constraint. If you want to update a group of activities based on a particular date then you can also use “Apply Actuals” options and update these activities. Prerequisites to using Apply Actuals;

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Expected Finish

A lot of people have asked questions in forums on how to auto update activities when they know the confirmed finish date of the activity. We can use Expected Finish option to auto update activities in such cases. Expected Finish date on an activity acts as a constraint and it should be enabled in scheduling […]

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Techniques for Computing Estimate to Complete

Estimate to Complete (ETC) in PM terminology mean the amount that is left to spend. Primavera calculates ETC for every activity where cost is allocated. It help us to forecast the Estimate at Completion (EAC) which is calculated as Estimate at Completion = Actual Cost + Estimate to Complete. Actual Cost is into put every […]

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