On our projects we estimate percent complete for each work package or activity for reporting progress and on projects where work cannot be measured  this estimate is simply a guess. But a guess does not give a confident estimate of the real percent complete and Primavera provides us with alternate methods of computing performance percent complete for our activities.

If you goto admin > admin preferences > earned value, you can choose a different method for computing performance percent complete for an activity.


The options that you can choose to compute performance complete are :

1) Activity % Complete – This option is the default option for computing performance. In this the performance percent complete is equal to the activity’s percent complete

2) Use WBS Milestones – We can use this option if you have weighted milestones for a particular WBS or Project and you would like to update your performance percent as and when these milestones are completed (we will look at how we can use WBS milestones for performance percent in next blog post)

3) 0/100 % Complete – We can use this option if an activity does not get credit for partial completion and only gets credit for full completion. Which means that performance percent complete does not get updated until an activity is not 100% complete.

4) 50/50 % Complete – This option assumes that an activity is 50 percent complete when it begins and gets credit for the last 50 percent only when it is complete. Hence the performance percent complete is 50% when your activity gets started and 100% when it is complete.

5) Custom % Complete – In case you do not want to use the above 2 options and want to use a custom percent complete for updating then you can use this option. one of the most common options used on projects is 20/80.

Using the above options on a single project or WBS


If you change these options in Admin Preferences panel then the rule gets  enforced on all the projects in your EPS but  if you want to only enable this on one Project or WBS then you can open your project and then goto WBS window and choose WBS details and under the earned value tab you can choose the WBS for which you want to enforce a different rule. You have to choose the Top WBS node if you want to change the rule for the entire project