P6v8 was released into the wild a long time back and I thought that it’s about time that someone actually reviewed this sucker. So there will be a series of periodic long posts talking about the things that I like and I don’t like about this version.

Personally I have been using v7 for the last year or so and I briefly shifted to v8 in between and by briefly I mean a couple of hours :). The layout’s all nice and all with customizable tabs and stuff but I literally pulled my hair out when I couldn’t find an option to create an EPS. So here I am stuck with all my projects wherever they are and no option of moving them or adding a new project into a new EPS. Why would Primavera remove that option and make you install a separate server then login to Primavera through the Web Module in Internet Explorer just to add an EPS? I mean why the hell would I want to do that? If I am a standalone user and have a tiny machine which can hardly take the load of one database server on its head, put another burden of web server just for adding a freaking EPS.I guess it’s the Oracle effect. For its first impression P6v8 sucked, we will delve into this version deeper next time and see what it brings.