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Hi Readers, I found the following posts interesting and thought that I should share them with you 1) The 9 Steps to Produce a Structured Project Plan – 2)Develop an Activity Breakdown of the Work Required to Produce Each Product –

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WBS Milestones

As we discussed in my last post Technique for Computing Performance Percent Complete , WBS Milestones can be used to calculate Performance Percent complete and Earned Value. They can be used in cases where you have fixed weighted milestones for a WBS and you want to calculate your Earned Value against them. If you prefer […]

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Hi Readers, A couple of links which I found interesting and thought you should check it out; 1) Using Project Management Tools in the Right Context – An interesting take on PPM tools and their acceptance in an organization 2) A checklist for choosing a Project Management Software – Things that you need to […]

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P6v8- The First Impression

P6v8 was released into the wild a long time back and I thought that it’s about time that someone actually reviewed this sucker. So there will be a series of periodic long posts talking about the things that I like and I don’t like about this version.

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