There will be times when you need to remove the Financial Period data and depending on whether you have to remove the values for the entire project or only for selected activities, you will have to follow the steps below.

1) Editing past Financial Periods for selected activities

To edit Financial Period data for selected activities, you need to do the following:

Goto User Preferences>Applications and select the range of Financial periods that you wish to edit

You can use the Add Column tab in Activities view or Resources view to add and then edit Financial Periods

Activities View

Resources View

Once the columns have been added, the values for a period can be changed in the column against that particular activity.

Note: Earned Value – While editing Financial Periods you need to keep one thing in mind that the Earned Value and Planned Value will not change automatically if you change number of Units and Cost therefore you would have to manually calculate and edit these values.

And when you run ‘Store Period Performance’, the Earned Value, Planned Value and Expense data for new periods is stored as:

New Period value = Current (live) total – (Sum of previously stored values)

Therefore, editing the stored period values for Earned Value and Planned Value can affect how future period values are calculated.

2) Entire Project

Removing financial periods from a project is the easiest, follow the solution below to remove them

Make a copy of your current project and when you Paste your project in the EPS you will get the above options, uncheck “Financial Period Data” and your copied project will not have any period values stored in it