Hi Readers,

Work has been keeping me quite busy these days so i have decided to blog short but frequent posts from here on. Today we will talk on using Constraints in Primavera.

All of us at sometime or the other have used constraints in Primavera but have usually restricted ourselves to using  “Mandatory Constraints”  only as we don’t know how other constraints would behave.

We have the following options in Primavera if we want to use constraints :

1) Project Must Finish by

2) Mandatory Start / Mandatory Finish

3) Start / Finish On or After

4) Start / Finish On or Before

5) Start / Finish On

6) Expected Finish

Each of these constraints when used would affect the floats in our activities in a certain way. Our requirement depends on what dates(Early/Late) do we want to see get affected by these constraints. For ex. ‘Project Must Finish by’ constraint works on the whole project itself and affects the Late dates of the activities. The constraint date becomes a start off point for the backward pass calculations.Same way ‘Start/Finish On or After’ affects how our Early Dates are calculated and it comes into play during Forward Pass Calculations.

Each of these constraints can be used to our advantage if we know how to use them correctly, especially when we want to monitor activities that are related to deadlines, permits, clearances etc. . We will go into details of each constraint one by one from my next post.

Amit Parmar