Timescaled logic Diagrams

P6v8 brings back Timescaled logic diagrams or TSLD, one of the few features that got lost after P3 . TLSD are used to condense the project schedule displayed in the Gantt chart into an easier to understand format that provides a snapshot of the entire project plan hence enabling us to view the entire project as one big picture. TSLDs give a graphic depiction of activities and the logic of a project against a timescale.


A  TSLD can be created to show:

  • Up to three timescales that appear at the top and bottom of the diagram, and you can define and format each one
  • Activity bars according to your formatting
  • Bars drawn using early or late schedule dates
  • Bar labels that you select, format, and specify locations for
  • Special color text on labels for critical activities.
  • Critical highlighting on bars according to your formatting
  • Relationship lines connecting activities that are formatted by you so as to more easily distinguish between the types of relationships
  • Activities grouped by data elements that you select, including project, WBS Path, and activity codes
  • Group activity labels that you format
  • Activities sorted in ascending or descending order by data elements that you select

When you create a TSLD, it appears in the TSLD workspace.

TSLD Templates

A TSLD template is a set of configurations which can be stored to save your settings. The same template can then be used in other projects. When you create a TSLD, the values associated with the template are applied against the project data to create a TSLD. Once a template is made it can be used to create a TSLD for any project stored in Primavera database.

TLSD Template

A template can be selected using the Timescaled Logic Diagram Templates dialog box, which opens automatically with the TSLD workspace. Several sample templates are already created and can be chosen to view existing projects, sample templates can be edited to make new templates or new templates can be created from scratch.

Timescaled Logic Diagram Workspace

The TSLD workspace is used to manage templates and create, view, edit, print, and save TSLDs. To create a TSLD, you must first; start P6 Professional > open the project or projects for which you want to create a TSLD > then use Tools > Timescaled Logic Diagram option from the Activities window to export project data for the selected projects to the Primavera Timescaled Logic Diagram application. Only the filtered project data that appears in the P6 Professional Activities window gets exported to the Primavera Timescaled Logic Diagram application.Once you select the projects to export, the data is exported to the Primavera Timescaled Logic Diagram application, and the TSLD workspace opens automatically when the data is exported. When the TSLD workspace opens, you use it to select a template, to modify a template as applicable, and to create a TSLD (which appears in the TSLD workspace), to modify the diagram, to print the diagram, or to save the diagram to a graphic format.

TLSD Options

A TSLD result can be exported in a number of formats including;  JPEG Image (*.jpg) & Portable Network Graphics (*.png). Doing so saves the diagram to the selected file format; the associated project data and template settings are not saved. The image is saved but cannot be opened using the TSLD workspace.