Performance % complete calculations in the WBS bar

In my last post I talked about how inputting cost is important in Primavera and we saw how Performance % Complete gets rolled up to the WBS. In this post we will see how these values are calculated.

Continuing from my last example, we know that for each activity:

Activity % Complete = (Duration % Complete) or (Units % Complete) or (Physical % Complete) depending on the percent complete type of the activity

The formula for Earned Value for each activity is

EV = Performance % Complete * BAC (Budget at Completion)

Where BAC = Total budgeted Cost for the project saved in the Baseline

And PF = Activity % Complete

hence for each activity in the previous example EV is calculated by the above formula, therefore EV for each activity is:

  1. Activity A – EV = 20%*18,700 = 3,740
  2. Activity B – EV = 23%*8,500 = 1955
  3. Activity C – EV = 5%*5800 = 290

Figure 1

2) After EV is calculated for all activities using cost as the common denominator, it gets rolled up to the WBS level.

Then at the WBS level PF is calculated using the same EV formula :


Therefore, Performance % Complete at WBS is calculated as:

PF% = 5985/33000*100=18.1363= 18.14%

hence the percentage complete at the WBS level is calculated using cost as a common factor. The same can be seen in the above screenshot.