Managing “Manager Hours” on Projects

While monitoring our projects we have come across activities where Project Manager hours are to be monitored across them. The problem comes when we have to distribute those hours across these activities. Do we individually assign the manager hours across each activity by dividing the number of hours he/she is working on each? Or do we use Level of Effort (LOE) to monitor manager’s hours? The problem with the first solution is that there is a high probability that the manager hours get overloaded if we don’t distribute them properly across the activities. We will discuss here how to use LOE activities to manage Manager hours.

You can use the following steps to use LOE activities for managing hours:

1)   Add an LOE type activity

2)   Add Start-to-Start (SS) & Finish-to-Finish (FF) relationships to the LOE with the activities which are to be managed

3)   Assign the Project Manager resource after scheduling the project

4)   Allocate total Budgeted Total Man-hours that are to be distributed across the set of activities

Note – You are advised not to use “Auto Compute Actual” on the resource that is assigned as Project Manager. The rules for using “Auto Compute Actual” can conflict the LOE calculations. Auto Compute Actual updates activities according to the Planned dates and the Planned dates of the activity remain static once the activity has been started. Since the Planned dates remain static, the duration for the activity used to calculate resource actuals also remains constant. An LOE’s Start & Finish dates are governed by the relationships and not Planned Dates hence they can change even after the activity has started. This can result in different dates, durations and resource actuals for LOE activities when using Auto Compute Actuals.

Managing Actual Hours : You need to keep one thing in mind before you start using LOE to manage actual hours; Actual Units for LOE activities are not calculated automatically in Primavera and you would need to manually enter Actual Units in LOE activities. If you need to automatically calculate Actual Hours for LOE according to Actual Duration % Complete, then you need to do the following steps :

1)   At Project Level we need to enable Resource Actuals. Go to Projects View  > Calculations tab > Enable the option ‘Recalculate Actual Units and Cost when Duration % complete changes’

Note:  This option affects all activities in the project, not just LOE activities

2)   Run the Default Level of Effort filter so that only LOE activities are filtered

3)   Run the Following Global Change:

Actual Regular Labor Units   = Actual Duration   * Remaining Units / Time

Global Change

4)   Reschedule the project after running the Global Change to recalculate the Remaining Units

The above steps might be overwhelming but they do help when you are trying to manage a large schedule and you have more than one project manager to manage and a large number of LOE to update.